Moon’s daughter

4 ago



The gates are finally open and she urges for Beloved

The winter took her seeds away and it was only after the first bird greet at her window that she attempted to explore outside

The grass has a vibrant green color and wild flowers brought a butterfly garden to her home

She smiles at the orange butterfly, the masculine strength that reminds her of her power

She bows to the yellow butterfly, her feminine essence is alive in her womb again

She feels the earth playing with her feet and she starts spinning

Her arms are wide open, her hair dancing with the wind

She is alive

She is Love’s caretaker

She is the one with a lotus heart

She has no boundaries with her truth

She fears no darkness

She smiles to Spirit

She was born from a rose

She keeps all secrets from heaven

She speaks with the Owls

She makes music with her breath

She enters other dimensions

She always knew

She will always know

She is free from questions

She is free

She is the chosen one


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