19 set


We are opposites

You are the Grandfather Sun’s son

I’m the Moon’s daughter

We meet at dawn

You expand

I hold you between my legs

You want to let go of what it was

I remind you of it so you can grow beyond

I am the witch I feared for so long

You are an unconscious wizard

I let you inside my dream world

I feel you getting high

You say my name to make sure I am still here

I take you to the mist

My eyes are open

Your eyes are open

Your eagle’s eyes

I let him fly me to the land where only our whispers can be heard

I let him fly you to where there is the silence of presence

I make you sit there

I leave you alone

You taste the unknown; you don’t know where to go

I come back; I sit in front of you

I hold the space you need to become

We change roles, both student and teacher

It is a dance

You call my name again

Yes, I am here

I guide you back to Earth

You let go of the bright rays of light

You open your eyes again,

Mine were never closed.


Uma resposta to “Fly”

  1. Jamie 20 de setembro de 2013 às 12:21 am #

    beautiful xo

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